Berlin International
Piano Masterclass


The International Berlin Piano Master Classes is a summer course for 10-12 students per session, guided by concert pianist Dr. Yossi Reshef. During 6 days, each session  Dr. Reshef will work intensively with every student improving their interpretation, technique, practicing methods and performance skills. Each student will be offered five (45 minutes) master classes with Dr. Reshef and will participate in the  final concert, which will be open to the general public on the last evening of the master classes.

Who is encouraged to participate?

  • Students who audition for entry exams in a higher education institute
  • Young professionals who would like to improve their technique and interpretation skills
  • Younger students who are interested in becoming pianists
  • Students who are currently studying in a higher educational institute and are interested in performing their repertoire in a master class setting
  • Students preparing for national and international competitions

Age limit

There is no age limit but it is expected that the students will be on a professional track and will be able to participate in a master class setup, in front of an audience and should be able to perform in the public concert.

Travel and Accomodation

Each student is responsible for their own accomodation and travel. Should you need our assistance, we would be happy to help you find an accomodation in the city in a hotel or in a private accommodation.

Required repertoire

There is no limit on the repertoire but it should include at least 3 different pieces, or 6-7 different movements from different pieces and styles. The bigger the variety you bring to the class the better your experience will be. A list of the repertoire we will work on will be published in advance. Students are encouraged to bring copies of the entire repertoire and notebooks, so they could also learn the pieces their colleagues are working on. It is also possible to bring tablets or personal computers with downloaded pdfs of the other student’s repertoire.

Final concerts

Each session will include a final concert which will be open to the public. Each student will play a piece he has worked on in the class, or in the case of shorter movements up to 20 minutes of music.

Passive Participants

The master classes will be open to the public, free of charge. There is an option of taking part of the entire course without playing as a passive participant and to get an advising session with Dr. Reshef.

Special evening classes

During the class there will be public discussions with all the students
The topics that will be discussed will be conducting and theory skills, research, educational options for pianists, deliberate practicing and there will be a special session on professional career development

About Dr. Yossi Reshef

Dr. Yossi Reshef is an international concert pianist, piano pedagogue and conductor. A former student of the legendary Pnina Salzman, (herself a student of Alfred Cortot and Arthur Rubinstein), and a former student and assistant of Prof. Norman Krieger at the University of Southern California, Reshef is committed to delivering the tradition and knowledge of interpretation, style and technique, alongside his own method on technical aspects, interpretation, analysis, sound production, and deliberate practicing methods. Reshef has given concerts worldwide to outstanding reviews in Britain, Denmark, Israel, Italy, Germany, Poland, Croatia, Spain, Bulgaria, Russia, South Africa, Azerbaijan,The Philippines, Taiwan, and a number of venues in the United States including Los Angeles, Boston, San Diego, Santa Fe, and Carnegie Hall in NY. Dr. Reshef has mentored and worked with hundreds of students in master classes in such prestigious venues as the Gnessin Conservatory in Moscow, the Lodz Academy in Poland, the Baku Academy in Azerbaijan, the Zagreb Academy in Croatia, in many universities in the United States and in all the leading higher education music institutes of South Africa and Taiwan. He is currently residing in Berlin. For more details please open

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I required to sit in all the classes?

There will be  3 hour sessions twice a day, and an evening activity. Each student is required to sit in at least one of the daily sessions and in the evening activities but it is highly encouraged to sit throughout the entire course.

Can I participate in both sessions?

It is possible to participate in both the July and August sessions. This option is meant for students who have an extensive amount of repertoire they would like to cover. It is not recommended to bring the same repertoire for both sessions.

Can I bring a concerto?

It is possible to bring the solo part of a piano concerto. In case you would like to have a second piano accompaniment, please inquire in advance.

Can I just bring a difficult passage from a work I am learning?

Yes. It is possible to focus on technique in a particular master class, working on a limited number of spots in a piece

Do you offer practicing facilities?

The Berlin International Master Classes does not offer a practicing facility for the participants. We do have connections to practicing facilities in the city and practicing rooms will be offered at at an additional price for the participants. Please include a request for practicing facilities at your application form


Course cost

For The July Session:

Before 15.6.18: 480 EURO per student

After 15.6.18  560 EUR per student

For the August session:

Before 15.7.18: 480 Euro per student

After 15.7.18: 560 Euro per student

Price for both sessions:

Early registration: 930EURO

Late registration: 1050 Euro.

Passive participant for the entire course:

150 Euro for one session or 280 euros for both session


All payments should be made promptly so we can reserve your spot.

Cancellation fee:

if you cancel up to two weeks before you will receive 80% of your payment. For a cancellation less than 2 weeks before the beginning of the session you will receive a reimbursement of  50%.


Send a short biography and the repertoire list you would wish to work on in the class. It is also highly recommended to send a link to one of your videos but it is not required. Before the course start you will get a detailed schedule of which pieces you will play in each class and the time of your daily master class.


Important dates:

Early registration:
For the July Session: Before 15.6.18
For the August Session: Before 15.7.18

Registration deadline:
For the July Session: 15.7.18
For the August session: 6.8.18

Arriving to Berlin:
Please arrive to Berlin at least one day before the beginning of the classes.

Final concert:
July session: 28.7.18 at 19:30 p.m.
August session: 18.8.18 at 20:00 p.m.


Session ISession II



Following your successful application, you will be sent an email with further instructions.